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Film Making and Media Production


Both practicing professionals and non-professionals can acquire the certificate to earn international practitioners status in Film Making and Media design. You’ll learn how to develop, write, produce, direct, shoot edit and promote short film for cinema, television and digital platforms. And you'll learn the professional skills you need to excel in the business side of the film and video industry.
When you complete the course, you’ll be equipped for a career in film, video and television and be able to tackle many other roles in the media industry. On this course you’ll:
1 Introduction to the course Filmmaking process • Definition of film/motion picture • Preproduction, production, and post production • Production Personnel
Introduction to Motion Picture Cameras • How does a camera work; shutter, exposure etc.... • Film Cameras vs. Digital Cameras

✔️ Pre-Production Planning. • The role of pre-production preparation, • Preproduction packets, script breakdown, storyboarding, etc.... • Casting and crew

✔️ Camera, Framing, shooting techniques, and laws • Composition, Rules of thirds, 180o line law • Camera angles, techniques, and perspective • Selecting shots, types of shots etc...
• Lenses

✔️ Lighting & Colour Temperature • White balance and colour temperature • Basic lighting, types of lighting: 3-Point Lighting • Lighting techniques & key light position • Basic lighting rules
✔️ Sound • Sound in film & video • Digital Sound/audio recording • Lecture on incorporating video and audio to tell a story
✔️ Editing • Meaning/definition of video editing • Modes of editing • Functions and principles of editing • Basic transitions and effects in editing of films
✔️ Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro • Basic cuts • Finishing your video with colour correction, graphics and sound • An introduction to color correction 10 Presentation (individual produced opinion video)
✔️ Presentation (individual produced opinion video)
✔️ Revision ✔️Completed in 8 weeks with 80% practical

✔️Broadcasting ✔️Producing ✔️Media management ✔️Scriptwriting ✔️Technical media ✔️Camera operation ✔️Sound recording ✔️Producing management and coordination ✔️Research and development ✔️Production design ✔️Post-production and effects